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O que os passageiros dizem do Aeroporto do Porto (2008 e 2009)

18 April 2009 - David Gartside (5/5):
Spacious, clean, unhurried, efficient, friendly staff - if only they were all like this. Acoustics a bit iffy on PA announcements, and the shopping facilities are due to be enhanced (groan) but streets ahead of anywhere else in Europe in my experience except perhaps Helsinki and Tallinn.

14 January 2009 - Lee Melbourn (5/5):
It's huge, very clean. All the staff are very friendly including security. Good choice of restaurants. The metro station is at the terminal and is a short ride into the city.

21 November 2008 - R Santos (5/5):
Great airport, arrived mid afternoon, received luggage within 10 mins, used the new electronic passport control, was out of the airport in 15mins, on return used the metro, which stops right outside the terminal, using the underground tunnel to get to the terminal, check in was a breeze, airy and lots of space, and free internet connection.

20 August 2008 - Rui Neiva (5/5):
Very beautiful airport at the architectural level. Ventilated big spaces and very clean. Glazed walls, with nice views and good natural light. Impeccable services. Underground car park and subway in front of airport, connecting it to the city. It is a pleasure to return there.

3 July 2008 - Silvia Martins (5/5):
OPO-MUC via FRA. Functional, bright and clean. Since the check-in until the boarding in the plane was perfect. Good Oporto metro system kind of "S-Bahn" from down-town until airport. Next trips to Portugal I will try to use OPO insted of LIS.

11 June 2008 - Max Johnson (4/5)
Connecting from EWR to BCN via OPO, there was complete confusion as to whether we had to identify our transit bags en route. Some said yes, others no. Logic, and experience at other gateway airports, indicates that bags are checked through to the final destination; even the layout of the airport supports this with the only customs facilities available at the exit; the "connecting flight" route offered no facility for inspection or, indeed, passing transit bags to the airport. Is this only for connecting passengers without luggage? I think not. As it happened my bags went astray anyhow, so the problem for me was academic. My travelling companion picked up his large suitcase and then took it through the connecting channel into the departure area! On the return, we boarded in OPO and the airport worked wonderfully, as does the train connection into and out of town.

1 April 2008 - John Atkins (5/5)
Such a pretty airport and easy to use. Staff are generally very friendly and helpful. Check in is fantastically efficient although that is probably speeded up by check in staff not bothering too much with the "did you pack this bag yourself" dialogue. Security staff were fine with me but apparently became very aggressive with my two kids who had been directed into a separate queue specifically for women and children. My daughter was pretty upset, annoyed and I suspect embarassed at being shouted at by a male guard in Portuguese in front of a longish queue. He apparently wanted her to remove the belt she was not wearing. A 15 year old English girl with no Portuguese may well be confused at the splitting up procedure which in our experience was unique to Porto on that mid morning of 29th March. I have always been there to interpret need for them before when travelling through airports. Apart from that, it is a lovely airport

8 January 2008 - Andre Da Silva (5/5)
A wonderful yet small airport, however it has all the facilities needed, and is very efficient.

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